Viruses in Limbo are sentient cells approximately the size of the cast. Three have been introduced so far.

H.I.V. Edit

"Good morrow to you sir, you appear to have been bisected. Are you alright?"

The most vocal and recurring disease, H.I.V. played a major role in episode 102: Live Aids and made an

appearance in episode 204: The Rings. He apparently has a hatred of all life.

Chlamydia Edit

"Infidels! You will all die symptomless!"

A sneaky ailment that masquerades as a traveling mouth salesman and mouth enthusiast (by wearing a fedora and Groucho Marx glasses) in order to get into people's mouths and infect them.

Syphilis Edit

This disease is apparently incapable of speech and instead thrashes and gurgles violently, but seems to be either tamed by or owe loyalty to H.I.V. as he has been seen to follow his command.