Season 1, Episode 5. This episode deals with drugs and people's perceptions of them. Throughout the episode, the viewer follows Alpha as he blindly experiences different drugs and their consequences. It begins with Alpha's friends telling him to join them in worship of Ethan (beer) by going through the first gateway (alcohol). Alpha is reluctant to use the first gateway, but his friends all join together to convince him to go through the gate with a song. It's cold and wet and smells funny once through the alcohol gate and results in vomiting after a certain amount of time spent in this gate. He attempts to leave Alcohol behind by moving through to the Marijuana gate, but his friends are shocked and try very hard to wave him away from it, saying that it's wrong because it's not allowed because it's illegal because it's a gateway and apparently once you've been through a gateway you have to go through them all. When Alpha points out that they had already gone through a gateway they wave it off saying that it doesn't count because that gateway wasn't illegal.

Weed - A serene green space inhabited by a chocolate dragon. The chocolate was real but the dragon wasn't.

He was then faced with many gateways but without any guidance or education about them he just began stumbling blindly through each one.

Ecstasy - A strobing rave full of twirling colors and kaleidoscopic lights.

Cocaine (?) - Behind this gate is another, slightly larger gate. When Alpha goes through it he got proportionally larger and was faced with another slightly larger gate, this repeats on and on, filling him with the need to find out what is at the end. Eventually he is found by Nosefish who snaps him out of it and shows him that he hadn't progressed at all and should just leave this gate behind.

(?) - Through this gate is just a large sign that says "This is your foot" with a picture of Alpha's foot. When he is pulled out, he is told by Nosefish that he was almost lost in there.

The elevators were different from the gates as they never crossed over between one another so are ostensibly more safe.

The first elevator he takes went straight down (bad trip) and when he returned he was in shock and convinced that everyone hated him and worried he was going to die.

Then Nosefish was arrested by the Spirits (the police) for soliciting gateway travel (drug use) to minors. Even though all he was doing was offering guidance to Alpha who would have otherwise been completely lost wandering through the Cocaine gate forever.

Alpha was then arrested and taken to jail... which turned out to be another trip and he found himself looking at the sign saying "This is your foot" again.

Limbo 105 Gate Ways

Limbo 105 Gate Ways